KidzMail has been awarded 4 mice in the December 2003 issue of Macworld.

With KidzMail children draw pictures and send them to people in their address book. Addressing email is as simple as choosing recipients from a list of pictures and names. Even if children can't read the names they can pick out the pictures. Parents control the address book, so they know who their children are sending email to.

KidzMail sends real email that any email client will accept. Pictures are sent as both JPEGs (a popular picture format found on the Internet) and KidzMail pictures. Even somebody without KidzMail should be able to receive and view KidzMail pictures.

KidzMail is a full-featured email client. Check out all the features and then give it a try.

With the unregistered version of KidzMail, you can receive all the email and draw all the pictures you'd like. But you can only send 10 email messages. Registering KidzMail removes that restriction.

KidzMail is $10 to register.